Why TruckerTime Xpress was started

After being a contract recruiter for a few years, I started TTX with the principle of working for the driver. We have over 50 different carriers with jobs to offer but will not try and convince a driver to take a job he is not wanting. I have experienced recruiters that are contracted thru TTX and that is how TTX does business. When speaking with a recruiter, your job is to be honest and upfront with a recruiter. A recruiter will help you find a job that matches what you're looking for and off your experience and background. There is no sense in wasting your time, the recruiters time or the carriers time submitting you to a carrier for a job your obviously not qualified for or not even interested in.

As of March 1, 2021 I decided to bring in a partner to help me run TTX. She has been with me as a recruiter for 2 years. She has really brought a lot of current ideas and energy to TTX. I am so blessed to have her. Meet Lyndsay Dollar. Not only is Lyndsay a great recruiter, she has also become a part of my family. I'm so blessed to have you here Lyndsay.

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